Private & Public & Hybrid Cloud

Our scalable and flexible Cloud platforms allow you to adapt and expand your IT capability beyond your current IT infrastructure. Choose between a Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud, depending on your needs.

Our Private Clouds are built exclusively for your specific business, allowing you to host applications in the cloud whilst maintaining complete data security and control. This ‘Internal’ Private Cloud is hosted within your own dedicated and secure infrastructure and is ideal if you prefer not to share physical resources.

Our Public Clouds give you the benefit of economy of scale by spreading infrastructure costs across all users, meaning you operate on a lower-cost, pay-as-you-go model. Typically larger in scale than in-house, they provide seamless, on-demand scalability.

Our Hybrid Clouds combine the advantages of the two models for increased flexibility. The Hybrid environment provides on-demand scalability and can be used to manage unexpected surges in workload, for example.

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