Hosted Exchange

The freedom to access your data 24/7 allows you to cater for every eventuality, be it co-ordinating last minute presentations, or accessing that gold nugget fact mid-meeting. It’s the fast-track to greater productivity and improved output, streamlining how, when and where you work.

Our Cloud Hosted Exchange solution allows small and large organisations access their emails, contacts, tasks and documents securely from anywhere. Data can be synchronised meaning you can access your data seamlessly from your desktop, notebook and any Microsoft Exchange compatible smart phone.

This solution offers a fully managed Microsoft Exchange environment that is hosted on our Cloud servers and enables you to concentrate on what you are best at – growing your business. Basic IT management tasks such as security updates and updating back-end systems are taken care of by us, giving you more time to focus on your productivity. Better still, as technology grows, so you benefit from the very latest Cloud enterprise-class services that become available.

Quick, easy and safe to use, it keeps you agile and efficient wherever you are. Being off-site and therefore not requiring manpower, it can save on workspace and cost.

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