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Despite the growth of instant messaging services, video conferencing and social media, email still continues to be the most widely used communication tool in enterprise, for both business to business, and brands to customers.

Unfortunately, like the universe, the world of email is continuously expanding, and with it comes an ever-growing dark side – cyber-crime – a flood of spam, phishing and malware based attacks.

As if a constant onslaught on the gates of your data wasn’t enough, we also have government legislation keeping a close eye on you, holding your businesses accountable for the protection of all digital information within your castle walls. This means you need to be ever more careful when it comes to data leaks and secure email exchange, especially if you are in possession of customer data or confidential information.

So how do you protect yourself from this evolving threat landscape, the malicious spammers, phishing and spoofs out in the World Wide Web? That’s where Unit come in.

Unit’s security solutions provide outstanding, cloud-based protection from incoming and outgoing threats. Our services include advanced compliance scanning, management and, if required, email encryption preventing confidential data leaks and ensuring the secure exchange of sensitive data. Cloud-based services also make encrypted email accessible from employee mobile devices and laptops, so on-the-go updates are as secure as the data on your premises.

Our email security solutions offer multi-layered protection by integrating multiple anti-virus technologies, including premium anti-virus technologies such as McAfee, to deliver an email safeguard like no other.

The benefits of Email Security with Unit

• Stop spam, phishing and malware attacks.
• Receive the most accurate and up-to-date protection against new spam attacks.
• Get multi-layer anti-virus protection.
• Preserve network bandwidth.
• Simplify end-user spam management.
• Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
• Safeguard email when servers are unavailable.
• Prevent compliance violations with advanced compliance scanning and management and optional Email Encryption Service.

There’s no time like now to protect your business and brand reputation from cyber-crime, and with Unit you will have a hosted email security solution from an IT services leader. Get in touch us to find out more.

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This post was written by Nele Baader-Voysey